“I am a high speed product developer and simply can't wait for 4-7 weeks for a capacitive touch switch interface. Since there is a rapid prototype service for everything else, it was obvious... www.RapidKeypads.com”   ~ Jameel Ahed, Blue Sparq, Inc.

What inspires us.

Our capacitive touch switch keypads are generally for a non-display touch switch interface solution. These touch switches may be used in a product or application due to its durability, waterproof, ease of use with front surfaces such as safety glass, and the option to design slider or wheel type controls.

  • Make an impact with cutting edge touch interface technology for your next product design!
  • Drastically reduce time to market!
  • Take advantage of our engineering expertise!
  • Easy to use USB configuration utility!

Rapid Keyapds can provide a turnkey solution to your capacitive touch switch and proximity sensor requirements.

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USB Numeric Touch Switch

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Custom USB Touch new!

Introducing USB Touch, the fastest way to make a custom capacitive touch keypad communicate with your computer or device over USB. You no longer have to know anything about USB stacks or HID drivers. You don’t even have to write a single line of code. Let www.RapidKeypads.com map any of your custom capacitive touch buttons to any key on your computer keyboard, numeric keypad or even your computer joystick.

Patent Pending Fore Light

Fore Light is our way of adding diffuse LED lighting to our keypads. With our selective lighting you can illuminate a particular key! This video is demonstrating our Qwerty Keyboard. A custom graphic layer on top of this lighting layer can be just over 1mm thick!" more..

Item Released new!

Using the Fast Touch Single Capacitive Button IC we can sense a finger from almost 0.75" away! This pcb can be configured for touch or proximity sensing! It has a small relay on board that lets you control your products. There is a momentary and latching version available. more..

Tactile and Audio Feedback

With the addition of tactile and audio feedback to any capacitive touch switch interface, you can feel and hear each button press! more..

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